The mission of the Mary, Queen of Heaven Athletic Board is to increase the academic, spiritual and social well-being of every student by providing opportunities to seek continued spiritual growth through participation in sports.

Athletic programs are a form of “youth ministry,” probably one of the largest and most pervasive forms of youth ministry that our Church offers.  It is the objective of the Athletic Department to engrain all athletes in the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, responsibility and respect for authority in a Christian atmosphere.  Through the direction and mentoring of our all-volunteer coaching staff every athlete will learn to be gracious in both victory and defeat, learn from mistakes, and to support their teammates both on and off the playing field.

A student must be in good academic standing to participate in any athletic program at Mary, Queen of Heaven School.  Grades will be monitored by the school’s principal and teachers who will work with the Athletic Directors and coaches for appropriate actions if necessary.

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